Blackjack, also known as twenty-one, comes from North America. It is a card game played by several players who compete against the dealer, but not against each other. It has been around for more than a hundred years (if you count its predecessors, which were popular in France, even longer). Casino enthusiasts all around the world love blackjack. Nowadays many of us play blackjack online.

If you want to learn more about blackjack rules, it’s always a good idea to turn to Wiki. It provides all the basics you need to know ( Anyway, our task today is to talk about how to become a real blackjack professional. That is highly possible, even if you start playing blackjack online for fun. This game may seem very simple at first, but there are many things to learn to become skilled at it.

You may ask, what our method was…

We’ve asked dozens of people, who have spent many years trying to understand the peculiarities of blackjack, to share their knowledge with us. Afterward, we put all the tips and tricks we’ve collected together. We’ve decided to include those that repeated most often and/or sounded new, but trustworthy, in our list. Here’s our ultimate guide to blackjack that will help you on your way to becoming the best online blackjack Canada player.

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Take your time to study the rules carefully

The rules of blackjack are quite easy, and you can learn them quickly. The thing is that blackjack online is not only about hitting and standing. It is only when you learn how to double down, split, and surrender at the right time, when the real game starts.

Start by playing blackjack online for fun

When you want to become skilled at something, the more you practice it, the better. But when it comes to online casino games, the stakes are pretty high. Yes, that means that the losses may be more painful than you’d expect at first, too. The bad start may even prevent some first-timers from playing again. Thus, free online blackjack practice is the best way to start. Many best online blackjack Canada players started by trying out their strategies in games played for fun. Only later they put their real money into it. And won.

Pick the blackjack variation that is best for you

Since the invention of the blackjack game plenty of its variations have appeared. Classic Blackjack, Vegas Strip Blackjack, Progressive Blackjack, Blackjack Switch, Blackjack Surrender, Double Exposure Blackjack, Spanish Blackjack, and more. Switching to a new variation is also a good idea if you eventually get bored of the games you’re used to playing, but still enjoy the excitement playing blackjack online brings.

By the way, if you want to become a professional player, it’s always a good idea to focus on one variation and specialize in it.

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Don’t panic if the start is rough

Even if you don’t hit the 3/2 jackpot right after the start, don’t get too upset. You know why? Because there are many ways out. This is where the techniques of hitting, standing, splitting, etc. come into play.

Don’t take insurance

Taking insurance can only help you when playing in a land-based casino. And, even so, only when you know how to count cards. Well, guess what, card counting is impossible playing blackjack online. So, forget about insurance.

Be careful when choosing your online casino

Make sure the casino you play blackjack online can guarantee a safe play. You don’t want to lose your money in an unreliable casino. Random number generator is one of the key signs to look for when choosing a trustworthy casino to play blackjack online. Other things to pay attention to when choosing an online casino:

  • Variety of games
  • Welcome bonus
  • Device compatibility (meaning that you can play on your mobile)

Beware of the number of decks used

In general, the house edge variations are more player-friendly playing blackjack online than, for example, roulette. The house advantage depends on the number of decks used. The more decks are added, the higher the house edge will be. Before playing, study carefully what changes when an extra deck is added.

Understand what It takes for you as a personality to become a pro

Although it may sometimes seem that a life of an online gambler is nothing else but fun, everything is a bit more complex. Luck is only one of many ‘ingredients’ that make a professional blackjack player.

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Personal qualities

Eager to learn + patience

Probably the most important thing to keep in mind is that being a professional blackjack player means a long time spent learning. By saying that we mean reading, watching tutorials, trying out various strategies and, inevitably, sometimes failing.

Also, you need to understand the odds. Understanding the mathematics behind the blackjack game will allow you to stand out from more ordinary players.


Have you ever heard of the 10,000-hour rule? If no, here it is. A way to becoming an expert at any area is practicing the skill for 10,000 hours. Do you know how many days it is? Right, 416. Of course, it will take you much longer, because there are many more things in live to be taken care of. However, I can’t stress this enough, the old saying ‘practice makes it perfect’ is particularly true in card games.


A good blackjack player has to be able to make decisions quickly and effectively. Remember, in blackjack game you don’t get a chance to sleep on things and finish your work the next morning. The game is played right here and right now, without a chance to call off your decisions.

Know the limit

We all know how tempting it is to continue playing wishing for the luck to turn to your side. However, you need to have a complete control over your actions and know when to quit.

So, we hope that all these insights into online blackjack will help you become a professional player you aspire to be. Well, it‘s time to play now!

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