Admittedly, I’m not the best at live dealer blackjack. It’s a hard game for anyone to master. But how many of us do actually try to optimize every hand? If you’re playing online, chances of you becoming a blackjack professional are pretty slim.

But when it’s as fun as it is, who cares?

I’m not saying you should be reckless. I’ve tried live dealer blackjack online, and, as I promised, I will be coming back. But that doesn’t mean that anything can stop me from looking for the best deal for me.

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Best live blackjack experience

Since I first tried live dealer blackjack, I was very curious as to what else have I missed. Turns out, a lot. Sometimes it may seem like online casino is one of the fastest growing industries, trying and adopting every little novelty.

At this point, I’m almost certain that when casinos offer virtual reality games, it’s going to be the best live blackjack experience.

For now, though, you should do what I did and explore the casino. We’re not becoming professionals anytime soon. We can forget about house edges or expected value and simply enjoy. There is a dozen of blackjack variations. Playing online with a live dealer makes it a thrilling experience.

And did you know that in some games you can chat with other players, too? Oh, the people you are going to meet.

My point is, as beginners we haven’t seen a lot yet. We don’t know what we don’t know. So, instead of focusing on which game provides the smallest house edge, let’s try what else there is.

Between fun and value

Once you try live dealer blackjack and its variations, you will have a favorite. Now, it’s time to hunt value.  Value in a casino comes in several ways. There are bonuses, the extra money you receive for making deposits. Also, you’ll find free or no deposit bonuses – opportunities to try out games without risk.

Then, if you are going to be playing more than once, it’s surely worth looking at casinos with VIP programs. Over time, you may wager hundreds and thousands of dollars. Why not get rewarded for your loyalty?

That’s why picking a casino that ticks all the necessary boxes is crucial for your long-term success as a casino player – here.

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What matters most?

If I had to choose between playing live dealer blackjack for fun or blackjack, primarily focusing on optimal strategy, I’d go with fun every day of the week. The reason why I will be coming back has nothing to do with monetary gain. Money’s good, but if it goes well, I’m happy. If it doesn’t, so be it.

What matters most is enjoying your time at the casino. No guilt, no false illusions. What if you want to leave? Do it. If you prefer playing alone rather than with other players at the table, do it. Don’t feel bad about anything, online you have complete freedom to play the way you like the most.